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1. Solely for the purpose of performing lawful and appropriate searches for your own personal use. We are not buy, sell, rent, or distribute phone records or call logs under any circumstances. Illegal copies or use of text and/or images from our search results and its affiliated websites is strictly prohibited.

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3. FCRA Restrictions. Our search results is not a consumer reporting agency as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), and the information in the search results has not been collected in whole or in part for the purpose of furnishing consumer reports, as defined in the FCRA. You shall not use any of our information as a factor in (1) establishing an individual's eligibility for personal credit or insurance or assessing risks associated with existing consumer credit obligations, (2) evaluating an individual for employment, promotion, reassignment or retention (including employment of household workers such as babysitters, cleaning personnel, nannies, contractors, and other individuals), or (3) any other personal business transaction with another individual (including, but not limited to, leasing an apartment).

4. Under 18s. Children are not eligible to use our services and we ask that minors (under 18 years of age) do not submit any personal information to us.

5. Misuse. In the event that we suspects that our search results has been misused, we will contact our suppliers and/or law enforcement agencies (as appropriate) and will provide them with all data needed to conduct an investigation. You consent to the provision of this information (including key search data) for such investigative purposes. You further agree to fully cooperate with all audits and investigations of our customers and our systems.

6. Disclaimer of Warranties. Neither us nor any of our data suppliers represents or warrants that the information is current, complete or accurate. We hereby disclaims all representations and warranties regarding the performance of the service and the accuracy ,currency, or completeness of the information , including (without limitation) all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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We Take Privacy Very Seriously


Our website provides reverse phone lookups for informational purposes only. We understand that privacy is a major concern as it relates to the spread of personal data online, and it's an issue that we take very seriously. Our reverse Phone lookup service does not reveal cell phone numbers.  So we will not give any person’s mobile phone number. We will not sell your information to telemarketers and we also have no partnerships with any telemarketing companies. We do not sell call logs or phone records under any circumstances. Not only is the sale of call logs and phone records illegal, but we do not see any reasons why these items should be available to consumers. What we do include in our phone reports is the “issuing” location of a phone number (based on the NPA-NXX codes) and/or the phone owner’s listed address. Also, Information about minors or residents is not included in our searching .Furthermore, we do not reveal sensitive personal data, so we do not share, sell, or reveal includes:

1. Information about minors and vulnerable individuals

2. Social security numbers

3. Truncated social security numbers

4. Cell phone numbers

5. Phone records and call logs, including text messages

6. GPS location of phones

7. Medical, dental, or other health-related records

8. Sexual preferences

9. Religious beliefs or affiliations

10. Driver’s license numbers

11. License plate numbers

12. Credit card numbers

13. Bank accounts or router information

14. Credit scores or histories